The current ongoing Star Wars campaign is set beginning in the year 39 ABY. To understand this, a player must know the following:

  • The Battle of Yavin, depicted in the original Star Wars: A New Hope, is used in-universe as a dating mechanism. Much like B.C. and A.D., everything taking place before is deemed "BBY" (before the Battle of Yavin) in a descending manner (i.e. 400 BBY is the year before 399 BBY) while everything occurring after the battle is deemed "ABY" (after the Battle of Yavin) in an ascending manner (i.e. 30 AFY is the year before 31 ABY).

Major Past EventsEdit

  • 0 ABY - Battle of Yavin depicted in A New Hope
  • 4 ABY - Final victory during the Battle for Coruscant by the Rebels.
  • 25-29 ABY - The Yuuzhan Vong War decimates the New Republic.
  • 28 ABY - The Galactic Alliance is formed, overtaking the former New Republic.
  • 36 ABY - The Corellian system breaks away, forming the Five Worlds government. Tensions begin a build up to war, with no clear good or bad side.

Forthcoming EventsEdit

  • 40 ABY - Second Galactic Civil War (Galactic Alliance vs. Five World/