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Current Campaigns

Amtgard, Chapter of Blüdfrost

Current Campaign: Amtgard, Chapter of Blüdfrost

Ice and Fire

For the campaign set in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire setting, please see Portal:Ice and Fire.

M-Force: NOLA (M-Force 2e Playtesting)

Current Campaign: M-Force New Orleans

EverQuest D20

Current Campaign: To Usurp a God
Player Characters

  • Fethex | Human Cleric (Jake Hayes)
  • Strakkar | Iksar Monk (Jeff)
  • Athrette | Erudite Necromancer (Zach)
  • Orly Sandreskan the Unkillable | Dark Elf Rogue (Lacey)
  • Ugg | Ogre Shaman (Richard)
  • | Half Elf Paladin (Chass) [Deceased]
  • | Human Bard (Chass)
Setting Information
  • Norrath
    • Temple of Cazic Thule
  • Luclin
    • Cities
      • Shadowhaven
      • Sanctus Seru
      • Katta Castellum
      • Shar Vahl
    • Overland Areas
      • Marus Seru
      • Mons Letalis
      • The Grey
      • The Scarlet Desert
      • The Twilight Sea
    • Dungeons
Major NPCs
  • Allied Party
    • Johadnei Dio'Khryne (Dark Elf Magician)
    • Tadarii Dio'Vholrein (Vah Shir Berserker)
    • Lumilian Dhosan (Human Paladin)
    • Cholanim (Human Bard) [Deceased]
  • Seru faction
    • Praesertum Matpa
    • Korso Cannon
  • Miscellaneous
    • Maelin Starpyre
    • Garohad
    • Arf [Deceased]
  • The Dead
    • Queen Christanos Thex
    • Dysanus D`Vore
    • Luft Verlassen
    • Phazation Effect
  • Seru faction
    • Praesertum Rhugol
  • Legion of Mata Muram
    •  ???
Significant Individual PC/Group Inventory
  • Ugg - Al`Kabor's Propylon of the Nexus
  • Orly - Sealed Box
  • Athrette - Necromantic Scroll
  • Strakkar - 2x Tournament championship belts
  • Fethex - Tome of Zebuxoruk (minus 10 pages)
  • Strakkar - Magnetic Rock


Star Wars d20

Current Campaign: Star Wars
Player Characters
Setting Information
Major NPCs
Significant Individual PC/Group Inventory

Upcoming/Forming/In-Development Campaigns

Hall of Cosmonauts: New Nauts

Upcoming Campaign: Hall of Cosmonauts - New Nauts
Player Characters
Setting Information
Major NPCs
Significant Individual PC/Group Inventory


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