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Drake Stardrifter
c. 24 BBY

Drake Stardrifter was a smuggler who claimed that he helped supply the Rebel Alliance during their war with the Empire. He was a also a drunk and a liar, so these claims are questionable at best. The details of how his transport, The Mellowship Slinky, ended up crash-landed on Alasas, a backwater planet in the Yazoo System, is also hazy. Drake told the story many times, but the details changed (and became more outrageous) with each repetition. Regardless of how he ended up on Alasas, Drake’s quickly discovered that being stuck on a planet in the middle of nowhere made it nearly impossible to get original parts for a “classic” ship like the Slinky.

A few months into his stay, Drake found out that it was a lot harder to outrun your problems when your ship had severe hull damage and a busted hyperdrive; especially when those problems came in the form of a pregnant local with a vaguely familiar face and a blaster-wielding father of a very traditionalist mindset. Preferring marriage to death, Drake did the right thing and soon found himself the head of a growing family. The family of Drake and Elora Stardrifter lived on the Mellowship Slinky and Drake, always handy with tools, turned the cargo bay into a fix-it shop. He still planned to eventually get the Slinky spaceworthy again, but just never got around to it.

Drake’s and Elora’s middle son, Rowan, did well for himself, marrying Tyla Compson, the daughter of a well-to-do merchant family (and by association securing a good job within the family). Rowan and Tyla’s oldest son, Bren, is already involved in the family business and younger son Daitona is expected to follow suit when he gets older. Tyla always expected their only daughter, Elona, to be a fine society lady who would marry well, but things didn’t turn out that way.

Although Elona’s mother often forced her to wear pink frilly dresses and attend society functions, Elona was kind of a tomboy. She preferred to spend her time in the cargo bay of the Mellowship Slinky helping out in the shop and listening to her grandfather tell outrageous stories about his days as a smuggler. Drake’s tales of treacherous hutts, daring starship chases, and vengeful wookies served to fuel Elona’s not-very-secret desire to get as far away from Alasas as possible. When the Jedi Order gave her that opportunity, she took it.

His body is currently frozen in carbonite, awaiting it's final resting place.


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