Not Yet Named
1 Pilot
Up to 30
26.5 Meters
Max Acceleration
3,730 G
Max Speed (Atmosphere)
Duke's Flagship, Air-2 racing swoop
Cargo Capacity
2.5 Metric Tons

The Constellation-class Longranger was a prototype stealth-ship confiscated by the New Jedi Order around 32 ABY. It was presented to Jedi Master Jaime Thul, who had no use for it. He left it in the care of his padawan Elona Stardrifter, though he did not let her know this until he had already left it on Lannik for her.

The longranger has a pair of folding wings around a round cockpit; a design which was used on T-class long-range personal cruisers like the Valcyn. In front of the round cockpit (the whole forward-center section of the spacecraft) of the vehicle was a rare stygium crystal-powered cloaking device which was capable of creating an invisibility field which could sneak through even the most advanced of security technologies and allowing its master to evade pursuit while on his missions.

Built beneath the cloak field generator was a series of compartments containing various equipment holds, including the large docking bay for Duke's Flagship and the Air-2 racing swoop.

The ship was protected by six low-profile solar ionization cannons which could extend and fire several bursts in the blink of an eye. It was also equipped with an experimental high temperature X-C 2 ion drive array. It could also carry thirty passengers while its total capacity was 2.5 metric tons.

Not Pictures: Bottom Holding Bay for Duke's Flagship

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