These are brief notes summing up what happened during previous sessions.

First Session - 08.30.11Edit

The party members each slowly boarded the colony ship on their respective planets, making their way to Lannik. The members were slightly introduced, and began to make their way towards Camp Azalus. The supply shuttle was attacked by a fully grown cryslug, but the party was able to destroy the creature with minimal harm and few lost goods. The party then made their way to the base, and were introduced to various individuals including Duke and the rest of their assigned team.

First AppearancesEdit


  • One Fully Grown Cryslug

Second Session - 09.13.11Edit

The party learned that the supply shuttle was ransacked and goods were taken by the nearby Corellian-led mining team. Aybanulle Anjiliac Aora tasked Krava Shisaski Jiso to lead a group to recover the goods. The group met resistance outside the camp, and eventually fought their way into the camp. Elona Stardrifter met and had a short indecisive duel with Darth Barbarous, where Elona cut off half of Barbarous's left ear. The crew then followed retreating Toydarians back to New Toydaria, where many of them were fleeing the planet. A new PC, Walter's Character With No Name Yet learned that the Toydarians were working to some degree with them.

First AppearancesEdit


  • 2 Unnamed Miner from Duke's team
  • 23 Toydarians
  • 1 Wookie
  • 9 Corellians
  • 1 Lannik

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