Anjiliac is a Hutt clan. It was very influential and powerful during, and immediately after, the Galactic Civil War. They controlled the shadowport Point Nadir. However, after numerous bad luck with New Republic law enforcement, the clan fell from grace and is now considered a minor clan within Hutt politics.


The Anjiliac clan was a syndicate of merchants and spice-dealers led by Zietta Anjiliac. Affiliated with Anjiliac Kajidic, Zietta's organization controlled the shadowport Point Nadir and extended beyond it. Its primary sources of income were gambling, extortion, spice trading and slavery. While Zietta was the public face of operation, the majority of the decisions were done by a Wroonian female named Tis Dolan, who manipulated the Hutt to her own ends. During the Second Imperial Civil War, Anjiliac kajidic was led by Vedo Anjiliac Atirue. His nephew, Azzim Anjiliac Atirue was also a member, and oversaw the sacred world of Da Soocha and its moon Napdu, where he ran a spa called Maya Armus.

In 7 ABY, the clan fell from grace after an extensive raid by New Republic agencies highlighted numerous illegal activities, especially slave rings. The clan remains in relative obscurity, with only a few dozen members and very little pull in Hutt politics.

The current clan leader is Owenabulle Anjiliac Aora (aka Owen the Hutt), and he is the uncle of known NPC Aybanulle Anjiliac Aora.

Known MembersEdit


  • Kajidii (king) Owenabulle Anjiliac Aora (called The Bull)
  • Kaji (prince) Larabulle Anjiliac Aora (heir-apparent)
  • Grandio (lord) Khazeem Anjiliac Atirue (hand of the kaji)
  • Hataw (duke) Drala Anjiliac Chiera (master of accounts receivable)
  • Hataw (duke) Vopara Anjiliac Diresto (master of accounts payable)
  • Magi (earl) Quonnos Anjiliac Priare (admiral of anjiliac navy)
  • Niboba (count) Kalava Anjiliac Aora

Junior MembersEdit

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